Installing additional Fonts

While the path suggested "OS X Hard drive/System/Library/Fonts/" does work, Apple is recommending that users not add "anything" to the System directory at all. That should be solely Apple's domain.

As a user you have two locations to add fonts.

~/Library/Fonts (for fonts that you don't want any other user to have)

Mac OS X/Library/Fonts (for fonts that you want all users to have)
Oh... ;) I guess I ought to get those other fonts I installed into Library/Fonts instead! Thanks, of course.
I don't know if OS X fonts are the exact same as the fonts under OS 9, I know I can use my old OS 9 fonts but does OS X sport "better" fonts, and if so, is there a site l where I can download free fonts ?
There are a miriad of them for OS 9 and windows, just wondering if sany OS X one have srpouted up