Installing DBI - problem with CPAN


I can't get the CPAN installer script to work - any ideas? when I run:
perl -MCPAN -e shell I get the "cpan>" prompt
o conf init chokes, see below

"o conf init " takes me through the questions and finally chokes with the following. I have dev tools installed and there is, in fact a "y/sources/MIRRORED.BY" file. very frustrating...

You have no y/sources/MIRRORED.BY
I'm trying to fetch one
Please check, if the URLs I found in your configuration file
( are valid. The urllist can be edited. E.g. with
``o conf urllist push ftp://myurl/''

Cannot fetch MIRRORED.BY

Use of uninitialized value in -f at /System/Library/Perl/CPAN/ line 365, <STDIN> line 22.
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) at /System/Library/Perl/CPAN/ line 366, <STDIN> line 22.
You have no
I'm trying to fetch one
Usage: ->localize(cpan_file,as_local_file[,3]) at /System/Library/Perl/CPAN/ line 369
I had the same problem trying to install it, It's actually very easy. Get developer tools and perl -MCPAN -e that should execute CPAN or if it doesnt then goto and it will help you to connect to CPAN... It's not that complicated, I installed DBD::MySQL and got Advertpro and Adcycle to work.. :)

I finally got it to work by installing it manually again, the missing bit was the Developer Tools - specifically, the Make program...