Installing DVD drive into G4


Hi everybody. I have a G4 Graphite, its real old now and I should be getting a G5 soon, but for the meantime I have a Pioneer DVD writer that I want to install into my mac. I don't want to replace the existing one as I want to be able to copy disks from one drive to the other without needing to put the information on my HDD first (i have a 10 gig hard drive, shamefull i know :D )

I have looked inside the machine and the space looks too small to have another disk drive installed. Is my only option to replace my existing drive?

Thanks alot!

Ah, nevermind i've just answered my own question. I can't do it, i'll have to replace my old drive. Maybe I can whack my old one in my firewire case and see if I can copy DVD's that way.... hmmm