Installing El Capitan on a 2.1 Mac Pro & more


Hello again to all,

I am currently running 10.7.5 on my mac pro 2.1 (it may have been updated from a 1.1 - not sure). I am very happy with everything, I have all the software I want and probably need, certainly for a while and it’s fast enough for my needs

My problem is web browsing, meaning the browser i am using, Firefox Legacy, is rapidly becoming useless on many sites and it seems to be getting worse. Buttons don’t work, pages don’t display at all etc etc. An example would be Airbnb ( we are hosts ) which was working and displaying fine a few months ago. Now I see a quick impression of the page and it then disappears never to be seen again. It seems that Airbnb cannot leave their site alone for more than a few weeks anyway.
I don’t know if something fundamental has changed in the recent past with the way web pages are constructed, I’m sure this must be the case.
Anyway irrelevant, it just isn’t working well and it’s not going to improve that’s for sure.

So my potential solution is to add another hard disk, load El Capitan and boot from that when browsing, maybe migrating more tasks as time passes. Hopefully this system will run a more up-to-date browser and should see me through a few more years before maybe having a complete change to something more current, assuming I win a large sum of money.

I have read a little about Pikes script/loader for installing El Capitan on a 2.1 mac pro and not to load up security updates etc. Is this relatively easy enough to do?
This is early stages so I first need to acquire a copy of El Capitan to load up. There are some disks on ebay already loaded up but they may have the unwanted security update already loaded so maybe not a good idea. Anyone got any ideas or links or suggestions?
At what point in El Capitans evolution did the unwanted security update arrive, can I run up to 10.11.5?

Or should i just forget the whole thing and browse on a Kindle, not a nice thing

Thanks in anticipation


Rosie Moderator
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Let me see if I understand your 'potential solution'. Firefox Legacy is the browser you are using and it is not behaving. So you want to install a new drive?

Have you considered just trying a different browser?


Well yes I have but I’m open to recommendations, if you know something that’ll do the job.
I think you’ll find the same or similar limitations, I don’t think it’s specifically browser related I believe it’s just due to the fact the OSX Lion is now extremely old and can’t run anything near a current browser. Web developers optimise their sites for current browsers or something a few years old, they are not interested in anyone who’s running a 2006 computer & software. Look at Apple how far back do they support their hardware and systems ... not far enough for the likes of me and other dinosaurs.

Maybe i wasn’t clear. I want to browse the web on the same computer I use for daily tasks. I don’t particularly want to update to El Capitan or fit another hard drive but if it avoids me having to browse on other devices, I will!


Sounds to me that you are a perfect candidate for a new Mac Mini. You already have a keyboard and a monitor. For a bit more than the HD you were willing to buy, you could go that route. Minis are great little Macs! There are even reconditioned ones.