Installing Epson Printer Driver

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sqweaky wheel

I've just installed panther and have lost the printer driver for my Epson 600 color printer. I've downloaded and installed two types of printer drivers but they don t seem to install in the right place. I can t access them through the system preferences. When I get to ''choose printers", ''add printer", they don't show up.
did you set it up through > printer setup utility ? is the printer connected and turned on ?

what are the 2 types of drivers you're talking about, AFAIK no OS X drivers from epson for this printer.
Thanks for helping me.

I tried to set it up through "system preferences", "set up printers". The printer is connected and turned on through the USB port. The name "stylus color 600" shows up in the product list and beside it under "type", it says "Driver not installed".

The folder I down loaded is named, MUSC605A, wich has 3 disks in it containing an installer, serial DMA and USB adapter.

Also, what does "AFAIK" mean?
hey sqweaky wheel. Not absolutely sure I know what you have tried, but I remember when I switched to Tiger I found the printing setup procedure to be quite different to Panther, making the printer's instruction booklet useless.

I have an Epson Stylus Photo R310 and it works fine, so I thought I would share with you how I set up my printer. I have created a quick GIF image to illustrate (attached).

hope it helps.


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Thanks Thendis, I've done exactly what you show in the gif but on the last "select your printer" instruction the name of the printer shows up but not the driver. And the add button is greyed out. I'm guessing I'm missing the driver but don't know why it wont install.
AFAIK there is no Epson 600 driver for either Panther or Tiger except for Gimp-Print. The 5.0.0 beta 2 is extremely stable and works like a champ. Ignore anything you see about Ghostscript it is already installed in Panther. The Gimp-Print drivers offer more features than Epson's factory drivers but unfortunately they do not support the Epson Print Utility. Other than that they are great.

Be sure and read this FAQ that explains how to setup a Gimp-Print printer in Print Center. It will save a lot of frustration.
sorry for giving you false hope sqweaky. I didn't realise there wasn't even a driver for the printer :( time to upgrade perhaps? how long have you had it?
IT WORKS! Thank you to all that helped me out with this, I really appreciate it. The GIMP printer driver version 5, works like a dream. ::angel::
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