Installing gcc


Hi all,

Having obtained a copy of Mac OS X within the Mac OS Up-to-date program (I recently bought a new Mac), I found to my dismay that no developer tools are included in this distribution, as they are when you actually buy the product. I would very much like to have gcc (cc) and the other usual development tools (e.g., make, gdb, etc) installed. Unfortunately, these tools are not available at Apple's homepage. Is is possible to install the GNU tools that can be downloaded from the GNu homepage, and in that case, how? To me, this seems difficult since I have only found sources and no binaries.

Very grateful for any reply!
I have downloaded the cvs latest sources, but without the developer tools you are in trouble. I believe you to download the developer tools from the apple website. You must be a ADC developer, but you can signup for free. With the developers tools cc is install, but it is version 2.95. Now, if you want gcc 3.0, I can not install it. I have asked for help, see gcc3 port/install thread. No reply.