Installing gd 2.x / using Apple's ld


House pianist
So I've been futzing with the makefile for gd 2.0.1 because Apple's ld doesn't recognize the -shared flag, and make was dying. Unable to figure out from the man pages what's the proper substitution for -shared, I've just removed the flag to see what happens. And now, of course, ld dies with a major list of errors:

ld -o gd.o gd_gd.o gd_gd2.o gd_io.o gd_io_dp.o gd_io_file.o gd_ss.o gd_io_ss.o gd_png.o gd_jpeg.o gdxpm.o gdfontt.o gdfonts.o gdfontmb.o gdfontl.o gdfontg.o gdtables.o gdft.o gdcache.o gdkanji.o wbmp.o gd_wbmp.o gdhelpers.o gd_topal.o
ld: Undefined symbols:
[ ... ]

Anyone know more about the mechanisms behind ld than I do? (You won't have to know much to have me beat, I'll tell you that right now.)