Installing Mac OSX on Intel based machine


Hi i am new on forum, i want some help

I have got MAC OS X discs one contains Boot camp & other contains MACOS X i have installed the boot camp program on my windows xp, but when i insert the second disc that has MAC OS X it shows up nothing


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
One, the sticky at the top of this section says that this section is ONLY for posting HOW-TO tutorials and FAQs.

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Sticky #2

Two, it's obvious that you DIDN'T read the forum rules regarding the following:
No W@r3z

No asking for serialz, hackz, or warez, linking to them, discussing or anything related, including MP3z, Pr0n and related piracy items.

Trying to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple based computer is considered a hack and goes against Apple's EULA. If Apple thinks it's illegal, so does this forum. Find yourself a nice used Power Macintosh G4 (they're quite affordable nowadays) and run OS X the right way.

Three, you would have found out that it is against the forum rules if you had conducted a search on the forum about the topic. Count yourself as one of many that have failed to do so.

And if you don't believe me, just ask the mods and see how they react.

I guess for some people, reading isn't fundamental. It just really gets old after a while... :rolleyes: