Installing MacOS X on an early iMac


ran into something interesting, apparently there are 2 sets of readme's that exist for Mac OS X install CD's

the one when you are booted from the installer mentions that installing on a beige G3 or PowerBook G3 Series mac, that you have to install on the first 8 GB of the hard disk...

on the install cd when you put the cd in under MacOS 9 for example, it adds the revision a through d iMac's to this list.

I was attempting to install MacOS X onto an iMac rev/b, which has a 10 GB HD partitioned into 7 GB and 3 GB (in that order, both HFS+/Mac OS Extended)
the MacOS X 10.0 installer will only let me select the 7 GB partition to install onto

(I had setup the HD with the intention of installing MacOS X on the 2nd partition once 10.1 was released for my girlfriend to try out, and keeping her original MacOS 9 setup untouched)

so it's all clear now that I found out that there are 2 different readme's
It's always nice to answer my own questions...


I've seen this on the beige box also... If you install on the 7G partition, MacOSX will be able to see the other 3G part. The issue seems to be with the installer; if you install software under X later on that uses the Installer, it will only let you install to the 7G partition as well.

It sucks and is stupid, but there it is... :)


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I wonder if I can do this to my 333MHZ iMac sitting next to my 400MHZ iMac.. Seems like a few megahertz different. only problem in the older iMac is that it has a 4 or 6 gig hard drive, and 96 megs of ram