Installing MacOS X on to a PowerBoook G4


Dear All

I installed MacOS X on to a PowerBook G4. I did a dual partitation of the 10GB hard drive, Mac X on one, Mac 9.1 on the other.

Installation process was simply and easy, but did take sometime.
I did thou, start from a fresh clean hard drive. Set up for the internet was quick and painless and I was online within 15 minutes, the way it should be. I then quickly downloaded the MacOS X update. Update session went smoothly.

I opened "Mail" but I didn't like it, so I tried MS Entourage. This started up the Classic environment, but to my surprise the application ran smoothly. This is now my default email application. IE 5.1 did not rum as good as I hope for, you can't surf the web and download a file at the same time. Instead, I installed OmniWeb, which I have to say is class. The rendering of the webpages are great.

One problem with Mac X is that there is no CD player!

I have been running Mac X now for 9 days, and it's a good product, even if there is limited software. On the whole 4/5.
One problem with Mac X is that there is no CD player!

iTunes is a free download from The carbon version wasn't finished by the 24th, or I'm sure it would have been bundled on the CD.
you can get a mac OS X free audio CD player "dockling" for X @ verstiontracker somewhere.