Installing more ram on my g4


I used the search tool allready and could not find anything.

i've got a powerbook g4 1.5 ghz 15" and i currently have 512mb of ram, im running virtual pc and would like to up the ram on my laptop to 1 gb, has anyone ever installed this on there own? if so, is it hard and where should i get the ram from?

any input would be helpfull thanks, james
Installation is easy and straightforward. I have a 12 inch Powerbook 1.5GHz G4 and upgraded my RAM very easily. Just go to your User's Guide for you powerbook and follow the simple instructions. Basically, installation involves turning your powerbook over, taking out the battery, opening up the compartment with the RAM slots, and either directly adding RAM to an empty slot or taking a chip out and replacing it with another.

I bought my RAM at They had a great deal on 1GB chips (for about $119.00), but this was a couple weeks ago. I am sure you can find just as good a deal there. Or you could go to ebay. By the way, make sure you check your user's guide for the exact specifications of the RAM chip you require.

Hope this helps.
so i found out that i have two 256 sticks in there, im lookin to get atleast 1gb, is it possible to install a 1bg chip and keep one of my 256 stick in there? does it matter witch chip i replace? what is the best way to go about this?

any awnsers you guys could help me with would be much help!!

just becareful when you pull the keyboard away... keys can fall off if you jiggle it with your wrist i did that almost broke the keyboard.