Installing *NIX apps?


I'm a fairly new to the command line, and was trying to install BitchX, a popular Linux IRC client. I have the offocial Apple released developer tools (just got yesterday). Compilation and configuration ran seemingly fine, but make halted with

../include/ircaux.h:80: syntax error, found `+'
../include/ircaux.h:80: illegal function definition, found `)'
make[1]: *** [alias.o] Error 1
make: *** [BitchX] Error 2

Is there some basic thing I'm missing or is it deeper - god forbid I have to manualy configure something ;-)

OS X rocks
If you know C/C++ then you are half-way there, if you don't then I advise you to get the basics under your belt. Next, looking at errors:

../include/ircaux.h:80: syntax error, found `+'
../include/ircaux.h:80: illegal function definition, found `)'

It indicates what line the error is on, in which file, in this case '../include/ircaux.h', on line 80. '..' means parent directory. With this in mind I would suggest checking out the file and correcting any errors that might be there.

Not knowing the source, could you tell me whether it is written in C++, source files will end in .C (upper-case) or if they are in C, they will end in .c (lower-case). HFS+ being case sensitive may also introduce some unforseen problems with file extension that are normally case-sensitive.

I have not used MacOS X, so this is all theory based on my usage of a Unix environment,

If you don't feel the need to compile your own BitchX just download the Rhapsody binary. Works fine in Console and ssh shell.

Have fun, Greetz, Bregt