installing non-bootable 10.1?


Grr - I had one of the free OS X 10.1 upgrade CD's, but I let a friend borrow it for a few days and he's out of town. I had burned a backup copy of the disc, thinking I'd be able to use it to install the upgrade for myself, but alas I didn't make it a bootable CD image.

My question is - is there any way I can still install the 10.1 update from a CD that is a full copy of the update CD, but just not bootable? How are people installing the images obtained from various (shady and non-shady) sources? What I essentially have now is one of those images. :(

I am not pirating anything or otherwise ripping Apple off...I'm installing the free update to the copy of OS X I actually paid $130 back in March (yeah, I'm one of those psychos who advanced ordered it before it came out).