Installing OS X 10.1 ... bleeding from my ears!


I have spent an entire day install the 10.1 updater, I thought I would share the process with you all.!!

Having copied all my data to firewire drive, I proceeded to format my hard drive using the 9.2.1 CD. (I was spring cleaing anyway!)
And install 9.2.1.....
Then tried to install 10.0.4..(as you need an OSX to update). .....for 3 hours, it kept stalling. so I thought. Oh it is probably a problem with 9.2.1, so reformatted snf installed 9.1. Then tried to install 10.0.4, 2 hours later.... screw this.
The answer ... go back another version of OS X, install 10.0.3, quick with no problems, then upgrade.

Note this was on a dual G4 500mhz, 1GB RAM

Please not, bug no 1 ... no sound input through the jack on the back.
Does anyone know how to delete user folders once they have been deleted in the user conrol prefs. Even in SU I can't do it!



Current clustered system:

5 dual G4 500,
4 733mhz G4 blue,
1 867mhz silver G4,
2 dual 800 mhz G4 silver,

total of shit loads of GFlops.....
From Apple....

1. Log in to Mac OS X as an Admin user.
2. Open the Terminal utility.
3. Type: sudo rm -rf /Users/shortname\ deleted 
Important: Where the example says "shortname," you would insert the former user's short name, which is the name (preceding "Deleted") on the Home directory you wish to delete. This step does not work if you have not already deleted the user in the Users pane of System Preferences.
Warning: Type carefully. Specifying the wrong directory path can result in data loss, including to system files.
4. Press Return.
5. Type your Admin user password.
6. Press return.

If both SUDO and SU don't work try logging in as root and run the above command from the terminal. If that does not work you are SOL.

1. Go to System Prefs.
2. Click Startup disc
3. Choose MacOS 9
4. Restart your computer
5. Delete user
6. Use Startup Disc to get back into OSX
7. Do a little victory-dance