Installing OS9.1 after OS X


I'm a real Apple-newbie. I've been using wintel laptops for years now until I finally got fed up and went out and bought a Powerbook G4. My first OS9.1 / OS X installation was flawed because I couldn't start classic mode. Now I've repartitioned my drive, one partition for OSX and one for OS9.1

I've installed OSX and now I want to install OS9.1

This is were I face some problems. For starters, how do I boot from a CD with my powerbook? I've tried the 'pressing down c at rebbot' trick and I tried setting the DVD-drive as the startup drive in OSX but with no luck. The 9.1 CD refuses to kick in.....

Kinda frustrating for a newbie.... :confused:


Sorry 'bout the frustration.

Something happened at the last second of production (either of the TiBook or the 9.1 cd) such that you can't boot from the 9.1 CD on the TiBook (PowerBook G4).

Get the gray Software Restore CD and boot from that (by holding down the 'c' key as you said). That will make a nice official straight-from-Apple hard drive for you. Better yet, it will make a nice official straight-from-Apple partition on the partition you choose.

Good luck.

Odd about having trouble the first time through though...

I'm gonna try this when I get home later today. Shouldn't be all that hard :)

Btw. I gotta tell you all how much I love the TiBook and OS X... I've been using it for a month now and it's rock solid (at least compared to my previous struggles with Toshiba, IBM and Compaq craptops running win32).