Installing OSX- PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro


Hi there,
I got OSX.1 from Apple. Came with 9 and Developer Tools CD.

Went to and grabbed Unsupported Utility X and instructions to install onto my machine. Using the utility, it says that it cannot "find a open firmware image" on the OSX CD.

About my machine:
PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro
Sonnet G3 500 Upgrade card
320 Megs RAM
11 GIgs of space
3dfx voodoo 2000
teac cd-rom

Some of the utilites explicitly support some PowerCC machines, but my model is not one listed.

Can you suggest a work around or other utilities that I might try? My experience with Open Firmware is 0.

Appreciate the help,
When your model isn't listed, I don't think it will work. But you can try to use an older version of UtilityX, send an email to Ryan Rempel and ask him to send you version 2.0b1 or 2.0b2. You can also try to ask him if he has any idea on what may be wrong.