Installing Unix Apps


I want to install some unix apps like postgresql. It comes in a pkg format. I am used to solaris where there is a pkgadd, pkgrm and pkginfo commands. I have looked on the net but can not find any for the mac. Anyone know how it is done?

Also I would like to build Apache, and PHP from scratch with the source code. I want to have control over where the files are installed. I assume I will not break much removing the files that were installed by 10.1?

Fink is a package manager.

works by downloading source files, patching them on the fly and compiling them, installing and storing them as deb files.

there is also support for binary precompiled packages.

to read all about it....

otherwise, you find the source, download the tar.gz, read the intructions and try to imagine how it might be compilable on this platform.

Fun for some ....
Nightmare on infinite loop for others.