Intel Boot

SU Jovian

I'm not generally one to believe the rumours, but I like to hear debunking confirmation anyway. My Dorm neighbor told me that there's a whole community of people that have been trying to get OS X to boot up on a Pentium III system. He claims they've been doing this for a while, and that some time in the last three weeks, someone successfully booted a tweaked version of DP4 on a pentium III. Can anyone say for sure that he's full of sh*t? That's pretty much what I'm hoping for. I looked around the net for evidence of it, some kind of news article, but found it nowhere. Thanks.
I can't remember the site, I think it was slashdot a couple weeks ago posted something with a link to a picture of someone running Darwin under Virtual PC. I believe the link also said that it's been run on other "real" PC's.
Mind you, this isn't MacOSX, it's what's under the hood that they're running.
Darwin definitely boots on other platforms. The way some of these rumors sites try and read the entrails of the Darwin code for any evidence of being able to boot on a x86 machine is really amazing. "Oh, I discovered something that looks like fat code in the Darwin source; that indicates that Apple will make Mac OS X for Windows soon". The latter doesn't at all follow from the former.

I know people who run Darwin on a PC; it's not a big deal.
I know people who run "Yellow Box" stuff on Windows; not hard since Apple released Yellow Box stuff for Windows years ago (it's being phased out though)
I find it incredulous that anyone outside of Apple has gotten Mac OS X to boot on x86 machines since it would require a re-compile and no one outside of Apple has access to the source code.

Darwin on x86 is a reality.
Mac OS X on an x86 is not.
What anyone does in his or her own appartment is pretty much their business...and maybe an isolated phenomenon. Perhaps those guys might be skilled enough to have hacked the OS to run on a PIII machine but it aint a wide spread phenomenon.

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