Intel Emulation


I am currently emulating IBM OS/2, Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 through Virtual PC in software.

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to get a PCI card or something of the like that has an Intel chip built on, that would allow to run those operting system on that, rather than on the built-iin software option, if you know that it mean, lol. :)



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There was an Orange-something company that used to make such a card, but I haven't heard of one recently.



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I was looking into these options.
At this point you have to consider a few things.
1) Orange cards still exist but are unsupported because they have been stopped.
2) Because they have been stopped they have not been updated for newer mac models
3) Their speeds are stuck @ low Mhz ratings and the graphics cards that come with them are not as good as you would want them for todays standards.

for that price you could get a PC and have it beside your mac.



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Can you imagine, being able to run Unix, Mac and Windoze all off one machine using native hardware, if the video, usb, firewire and network cards can be used on both os' then I dont see why you couldn't (not that I would know how to do it). Then you could tell all those pc users they canstill keep thier crappy windoze and let them see how much better Unix/X is and they will eventually quit contributing to the empire. Plus think about developers, one machine, develop for both platforms. Now if we can only get windoze to use HFS+!:D


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I think that that was the idea, to integrate two machines, but unfortunatelly the cards cost $$$$. The card had a video card, a chip (intel or AMD I think it was your choice ), and RAM on it. I dont know if the PC could use the mac's networking but I guess it would.

The problem was that the latter years of orange's PC compatibility card existance I guess demand died because people were looking at cheap alternatives like SoftWindows, SoftPC, and Virtual PC. Those cards cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 depending on the chip you wanted on it ( I think a PII MMX @ 400 Mhz was the last one to be offered ) and the amount of RAM. I think the max that you could put on it was either 128Mb or 256Mb (probably 128Mb).

There was a gamer's model as well with a "better" video card that right now seems archaic.

They were still around when I bought my B&W G3 (2 years ago) and I was looking towards getting one of em but the sales people warned me and told me to look into it before I bought the card due to conflicts that might exist.

I would have liked to have one of those cards because now I work and can shell out the money to get one to have a dual system... Imagine you can run ANY OS at full speed on your mac!

Aaaahhhh one can only dream now :p ( VPC seems a bit slow in some OSes... oh well )



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Well i'm thinking VPC for X might be a lot better than the OS 9 version, simply because the memory handling will be much better, and that is one thing that was a major drawback on earlier releases. Also, if VPC turns out to be multithreaded, it will RULE. I've got my fingers crossed, and VPC 4 for 9 was a great improvement, so I'm hoping this next rev will be almost as fast as hardware.



Here's a wacky idea;
Apple could team up with AMD to produce a system with both a PPC based CPU and and Athlon, or something like it. That would be nuts.

Of course, that wont be easy to do. The BIOS alone would be hell. Neat idea though. One could sit back and simply go to Startup Disk and select OS9, Windows, UNIX, LINUX, LINUXPPC, Solaris, Palm, Dos...
That would certainly be a money grabber, too.