Does anyone know if there is an Intellimouse or scrollpoint driver for USB multi-button mice. I used to use USB overdrive, but she no work no more.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
I'm not sure about extra drivers, but I have a two-button scroll-wheel mouse that works fine with OS X with no extra drivers.

Thanks for the reply. Mine does work in Microsoft Apps, but not in the others. Unfortunately OS X's mouse support, like OS 9 leaves a lot to be desired. With USB overdrive, the scroll worked in everything, and I could set up button 3 & 4 to go forward & backward in applications that it was usefull for.

If anyone has any ideas or has found a third party software supplier, please yell out
I use an Intellimouse and it works quite well. The right button has a contextual menu for almost all the aps I use and in the Dock. The wheel works in IE and in apps like TextEdit abd BBEdit, and may others. It does not, however, work in the I hope they add that to 10.1.

I hope apple start to make a 2 button + wheel in the future, since it seems to be natively supported on OS X