interesting (?) observation


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And this is not intended to belittle or demean anyone's experience (to get that out of the way straight off), but I've seen that people who have been using Macs for a loong time (like since the System 6 days) are much more accepting of OSX's differences than people who have only come around since, say Sys 7.5 (which, IMO is when MacOS really started going down the toilet.)

Going through the list of the top complaints about what OSX lacks compared to OS9:

Apple menu/can't add to it: happened with System 7. Before that only specially-written DAs could go there.

Application menu on the right side: System 7. Before that it was just an icon that you clicked to switch to the next app.

Control strip: 7.5 (or 7.1 Pro?) for Powerbooks, 7.5.3 for desktops.

And the general look of the interface is more 6-7 than 8-9; the white backgrounds, minimalist window controls, etc.

So things that us oldtimers might still consider 'new features' are the only Macintosh others have ever known.

Personally, my first reaction upon seeing Aqua was flashing back to using 7.1 on my dad's Centris 650, and what a pleasant experience that was, as opposed to the machines running 8.6 at work, which are riddled with interface inconsistencies.

OK, I've goofed off long enough.. This has been rattling around in my head since the beta & I wanted to get it out. Now, back to coding :)