Internal domains


I want to be able to connect to internal domains. In OS9 this was handled by a special text file which the TCP/IP control panel consulted. In most UNIXes this is handled by editing the /etc/hosts file.

Now, how do I manage this i OSX? I know it has something to do with the NetInfoManager but not how...
If you're trying to do what I think you're trying to do, you can do it in System Preferences/Network if you select manual dns configuration. (It's the search domains.) Unfortunately it seems to be broken and only the first one entered is consulted.

If you need to have specific entries (as in /etc/hosts), you have to use the NetInfoManager. It's the machines subdir.

Select it.
Choose "New Subdirectory"
Change the name to the name of the machine.
Choose "New Property"
Change the name of the property to ip_address
Choose "New Value"
Change the value to the machines ip number.

That's it.
I've heard there was once a Network Manager that did these thing much easier, but it doesn't seem to be in beta.
Originally posted by richardb
I did manage to figure it out for myself.

None the less, great thanks!

Okay... I did too... but it doesn't work for me!

Do I have to run any commands after making and saving the changes in NetInfo? Kick the machine? Cry like a baby?