Internal HD for PowerMac G4


Can you please advise me?

I have a PowerMac G4 Digital Audio 667Mhz (ATA-66) running on MacOS 10.3.8.

I have received varying advice about installing additional storage in my mac.

I want to install an internal hard drive with at least 200Gb storage, but I understand that I have a limit of 128 Gb due to my ATA controller chip.

With my current set-up, is it true that I can buy a 200Gb HD and partition the drive without having the install an up-to-date controller chip?

I spoke to a Mac Resller this morning and she said that I still need to buy a an up-to-date controller chip even if I partition the drive, which contradicts the advice I have already received.

I understand that if I buy the up-to-date controller chip, I will not need to partition the drive. But this chip costs the same as the drive and is now an expensive proposition....

I don't want to spend unnecessary money if I am able to partition the hard-drive using my current G4 specifications.

Any why are Apple not keen on advising me to install an internal hard drive? They don't even sell internal HD...

Hope you can help

Many thanks
Thanks Bob

So without the chip I cannot partition as larger drive?

I will look at the link you have suggested, but I'm now re-thinking that 120Gb is not too bad for additional storage.

No, without an IDE/ATA card, you're stuck with a 128GB limit, unless you want to try SpeedTools.