Internal Modem B&W G3 300 Sound?


Hi, I know the Public Beta is ages old in terms of OSX Development, and I'll have OSX 1.0 in a few weeks, but has anybody else experienced a completely unfunctional internal modem which works perfectly under the old MacOS, but under OSX, internet apps (Mail, IE, Fire etc...) don't recognise that I'm connected even though PPP Connect manages to connect to my ISP. Also the sound isn't audable for the modem either and I quite like having it as a diagnostic tool and it's useful to hear what's going on without the PPP window around.
Any ideas guys? Has the sound problem been fixed? IN later builds or OSX final?
The modem does indeed work, but makes no sound upon dialing up & connection. This is a known bug (or lack of implementation thereof) in the public beta. I think in 1.0 they fixed it ;-)