Internet Cafe Management SW


I am thinking of setting up an Internet Cafe and would love to use iMacs for very many reasons (from cost thru wow factor). If setup a MacOS X Server I can get some web access management features and report online time so that I can view this and therefore know what to expect on my cash regisster at the end of the day.

I also know that POSIM by Ensign Systems is a very good POS / cash register app.

Question is, is there a true Internet Cafe managemen soltution out there for MacOS or OS X? This app would let me turn Macs on/off, report time online and bill etc.



check for it.. then contact the developer of that software.. I think it is called i-Cafe to see if there's one for OS X or carbonized..



I'm now at the stage where I'd like to use a small network of three or four macs running jaguar in an internet cafe setup. I've searched versiontracker and apple, but it seems to be just icafe which is OS9 only. Is there perhaps a way I could use the 'share my internet connection on one mac connected to the internet? Any help greatly appreciated.