"internet connect" erronious message


When starting up my mac book i am getting error message: Internet connect: the selected communication device does not exist. please verfiy your settings and try again. There doesnt seem to be actually any performance problem (i am connected) but it is simply annoying.

I have noticed in trying to get to grips with this that I have NO internet connection file in my application folder as described at the Apple website, is it possible that's the problem?


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You haven't mentioned which version of Mac OS X (ie: Mac OS version 10.?.?).

Internet Connect.app should be in your Applications folder but as you've found not having it doesn't affect your connection but does result in the error message you have been seeing ... try using Spotlight (if you have Mac OS 10.4 or greater) to see if it's been accidentally moved ...

Either way you can extract it from your original Install disc using Pacifist and you shouldn't be bothered with any "... device does not exist" errors again ...

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I have the same problem as Keithburton. Internet Connect Error. When I opened the Install Disk Mac OSX Leopard 5.1, i didnt find the InternetConnect.app. What can I do?


I also have a strange internet connect error that I can't seem to get rid of. Tried "reset safari" and "empty cache" but to no avail. I'm running Mac OS X... Any ideas?

My error message reads: "Internet Connect" "The connection has failed because you have not entered a telephone number."

My internet runs fine, I click OK and keep going. The annoying part is that this error message pops up about every 10 minutes.