Internet Connect 'jitters'


Is anyone having this problem or have a solution?

I have a G4 Cube (I don't know if the problem is system specific...?) running OS X 10.0.4. This problem used to be occassional (since installing 10.0.0), but has now become a regular occurrance.

When I click 'connect' through Internet Connect (I just have 56K internal modem), everything sort of stops responding. I can still move the mouse, but it sort of jitters, jumps, and skips around the screen. I can click on items with no response. It will sit there for a few moments, sometimes just a second or two; sometimes it will be ten or twenty secs. If I have iTunes playing, it will occassionally skip or stop playing with a crackle. Then, after the time is up, everything that I built up in a pipeline (clicking buttons, moving windows, clicking connect on Internet Connect) will suddenly take effect.

Neither logging out, restarting, nor shutting down helps. Quitting Internet Connect doesn't help... I'm at a stand still on this. I've already reported the 'bug' to Apple, but if it truly is a 'bug' then I'll have to wait for them to include it in an update.

Any help is much appreciated.
Well its not you. I have the same problem. And so do many others. But restarting usually helps. Or i restart holing down the apple+s and then run 'fsck' (Its like rebuilding the hard drive or disk first aid. If you wanna try it go find a better explanation that what i wrote.) I used to think it had to do with the screen saver for some reason, or someone said if you threw out the connection log in PPP. Who knows.
I can't remmebr where i read it, but this is apparently a known 'bug' with Apple and they are working on it. i believe the article mentioned that it would be addressed in 10.1 -- but isn't everything...?