internet connect, location change and sleep crash OSX


Sounds complicated, but here is my problem. I'm using a firewire pb 500 at three locations, one with T1, one with airport access, and at home with modem dialup access. I use the location changing, which seems to work quite well. I switch between these locatoins on a daily basis and my connection is usually seemless. About once per week after I wake the powerbook from sleep, switch the location to home, and wait for the switch to take place and then try to connect the computer will either take an EXTRAORDINARILY long time to make the connection (and the entire computer is unusable, does not accept mouse, or keyboard input ), or it will hang altogether.

Upon restart I ususally have an indirect inode error which I fix and then the machine works like a charm again.

This has been happening since 10.0.0 all of the way through to a clean install of 10.1.

I'm baffled----

Does anyone have any suggestions?