Internet Connect Warning,


This is driving me crazy. Why does a warning to ask if I want to stay connected appear every 10 minutes? I've looked everywhere for a preference to turn this OFF, but can find nothing. I'm on PPPoE earthlink dsl. This is a new feature, but I really want my "always on" internet connect to just be "always on."

In other news, I'm so pleased with 10.1 I can't sleep. Just waiting for Flash X, Epson Photo drivers (coming soon accoring to their site), Entourage X, and all the fun photo tools (scanner, pshop, etc.). All the vendors seem to be saying 10.1 provides all the functionality (i/o specs, driver support, etc.) to fully implement all the crap we want.

If anyone has a fix for this annoying problem, i would love to hear it.

System Preferences, Network, PPP, PPP Options, Prompt every % minutes to maintain connection...
duh, thank you so much, the 10.1 install must have reset that setting or something, it was driving me insane. thank you thank you