Internet Connection Problems


I have just purchased a new G4. I am running a 533DP G4 with 384MB RAM. I have been having problems with my connection to the internet via the modem. Firts, it is slower than it should be. I use and have used it with my other computer, a Powerbook 1400 with upgrades. worked fine and was very fast for the type of computer I was using. The problem however is that it was faster than what I have now with the G4. 36.6 vs the 56k on the G4 should not be happening. I am using the OS X connection program that came with the OS. All of my setting are set up properly, but still don't know what is wrong. Downloading off the internet takes a good bit of time and usually runs into an error in connection before it is complete. Also I have not been able to check email at all. I use Entourage in classic mode. When it checks the email it connects fine, verifies user name and passwords fine, but does all of this EXTREMELY slow. Also, by the time it gets to listing messages it shows how many are coming in and then it simply takes forever to recieve them. 5 minutes on a 3kb email, come on. Any advise, similar problems or help would be great. Thanks!