internet connection sharing????


can anyone recommend a good internet connection sharing program that works in OS 9??? or, if possible, tell me how to do it from some built in feature of 9?

You can use IPNetRouter, you can find it on Versiontracker ... It's very easy to set up, there's a manual included in the download or there's one on the site. If you want I can post it here but I'll just copy from the site ...
It can be used on any PPC I think, it shares internet for both Mac and PC ... You will need a Mac that's always online because the other won't be able to go online without it (unless you set up a normal connection on the other Macs too)

Hope this helps,
Don't think so, IPNetRouter is shareware so it should be free at least 30 days, I don't remember if it's a time-limited trial ...