Internet Connection With Wanadoo


Having gone through the usual problems with hooking up a USB modem for wanadoo broadband, I invested in a D-Link Ethernet modem (DSL 300T ADSL) for my new iMAC G5.
Having gone through the set up for the modem (without a hitch), Safari says "you are not connected to the internet". However, the ethernet modem has a full complement of green lights and states "connected to the intervet via ethernet". I suspect the problem lies with the ISP, but wanadoo are not exactly MAC friendly. Anyone come across this issue?
'Having gone through the set up for the modem (without a hitch)' - meaning, you connected the DSL modem - to an unfiltered phone jack via a telephone cable, and to the Mac via an Ethenet cable?

'... full complement of green lights and states "connected to the internet via Ethernet" ...' means simply the DSL modem sees the ISP's remote router and is properly connected to a computer's Ethernet chip set. This does not signify that the Mac is properly configured and internet accessible.

Did you perform the following step?
Launch 'System Preferences' ('Apple, System Preferences...' menu item).
Select the 'Network' utility.
Select the 'Show:' popup menu's 'Built-in Ethernet' menu item.
Click on 'PPPoE' tab - adding a check mark to the 'Connect using PPPoE' check box.
Enter the ISP provided information ['Account Name', 'Password', and 'PPPoE Service Name:'].
Add a check mark to the 'Save password' check box.
Click on the 'PPPoE Options...' button and make any desired setting changes.
Click on the 'TCP/IP' tab - verifying the 'Configure IPv4:' popup menu's 'Using DHCP' menu item was selected.
Click on the 'Apply Now' button.

Only by performing the above steps should the ('TCP/IP' tab's) 'IP Address:', 'Subnet Mask:'. and 'Router:' fields be dynamically assigned by your ISP, and thus allow you internet access.