Internet Connection

I am with AOL. I cannot connect to wbesites on the internet, but I can use AOL's email service. AOL tell me that the problem is not with them, but with Internet Explorer. I usually connect direct through AOL, just clicking their icon not by clicking on Internet Connect. AOL's welcome page comes up blank with a message 'could not be found: please check name and try again'.

I have tried Internet Explorer and Safari; I got through once on Safari, but not after that. The messages I get are all 'could not be found'.
I have checked internet settings (modem and dial up PPP as suggested on apple help, which seem to be ok though I don't know my IP address of the address of the DNS server. Does this make a difference? It was all working ok before.

I am an absolute duffer with computers and just follow instructions (which I don't always understand becuase of the jargon). This one has my more knowledgeable colleagues baffled – I am using my work computer to send this, as I am unable to get online at home.

I hope someone can help!


Kathy, you have to know something. There are several ways to connect to AOL. You may use the AOL for MacOS X application if you have it installed. You may use AOL Connect, AOL's dialer and connection utility for MacOS X. You may user the MacOS X Internet Connect utility. Once connected, you should be able to use IE, Safari, or any other browser to surf the web. If you are using some other ISP, then you can connect to AOL over TCP (the Internet).

Please answer these questions:

1. You seem to be connected via dial-up. Is this true?
2. If it is true, how did you get your dial-up access numbers?
3. Have you ever been able to successfully access AOL on this computer?
4. What does Internet Connect do on your computer?
5. Have you ever used Internet Connect before?