Internet Connection..


My ethernet is connected to a PC which is connected to a cable modem. The PC is running a routing program called SolidShare. I had the connection working fine under OS9, I just had TCP/IP set manually with IP of and a router IP of Well, I have these same settings under MacOSX, and it's not connecting at all. If I go into the terminal and ping it gets responses, but I can't access the internet through any browsers, etc.. Does anyone know what the problem is here?

Thanks Alot!!



Have you tried to see if you have access to a raw IP? Either in the Network Utility or a terminal, try pinging this webserver's IP, If it works, you need to properly setup your Domain Name Servers configuration. If not, then try a traceroute, assuming SolidShare allows tracerouting.


You can do a traceroute from the Network Utility or by using 'traceroute' from a terminal (use /usr/sbin/traceroute if you get a command not found error).
Basically, it uses an IP option to try and map the route from your machine to the machine you give it, finding all machines in between.