Internet Connectivity with native MacOS X and Classic


Something that I am curious about (probably should wait until MacOS X Beta arrives in the mail) is how MacOS X shares a PPP connection with the classic environment. Does it automatically set up some sort of internal routing rules (MacOS X acting as a sort of proxy for its classic environment), or are the two environments unable to share a single PPP connection?
From the sounds of it OSX overrides the classic settings, and anything relating to networking goes through OSX's prefs.
Works fine, through OS X. Set up is pretty straight forward and PPP is explicitly supported. It's really fast, too.
FYI- PPP only works through classic if you have an ethernet connection- ie DSL or Cablemodem. PPP will not channel through the modem dialup connection if your in classic. In summary, no internet apps will work in Classic if you only have a modem connection.