internet exploiter woes (ie when can I get a REAL browser?)


Big suprise here, eh....

Anyway, I was trying to look something up in the jargon file this morning. The URL (you may not want to try going there unless you want exploder to crash) is:

Anyway, when I tried to access the site, exploiter locks up and sits there (spinning rainbow disk, so I can do NOTHING) for almost five minutes or so, and then it crashes. I tried this THREE TIMES in a row, with identical results each time. This does NOT happen when I view the site with Netscape or iCab when I'm booted in my OS 9 partition.

Apparantly, billy boy doesn't want people to be able to access sites maintained by heretics such as Eric S. Raymond. (Nice one billy boy... supress the speech of those who disagree with you... that makes you that much MORE contemptable IMO.)

So the question is, does anyone have an in with either the Mozillia or iCab teams? Do you know when I'll be able to get a browser that doesn't suck? One which does NOT crash when you access the site of someone who refuses to be a mindless drone and worship at the altar of gates?

Netscape's and iCab's sites were the FIRST two places I went when I got OS X Beta installed; but alas, no Carbon or Cocoa versions to be found. Particullarly dissappointed in Netscape I am. Navigator is there for almost every other UNIX around; why does OS X not rate it's own Netscape? Anyone know when (if?) these will be available.

I would REALLY like to purge this censoring, unstable (intentionally?), redmond-spawned filth from my Macintosh at the earliest opportunity.


Resistance is NOT futile!!!

Um... I don't know what you're talking about. When I tried to go to the URL you posted, it worked just fine. Must be something you did wierd.
Well, I would not lynch Bill Gates immediately, since the page mentionned works in Windows' version of MSIE 5.5.

The explanation to your woes must be somewhere else...
Originally posted by jeanmarie
Get Mozilla Carbon

Unfortunately the build there is an M17 build.
They haven't started posting Carbon nightlies
from the current source yet, though reading
netscape.public.mozilla.mac makes me think
that current Carbon nightly builds aren't
very far off (the Carbon tinderbox is
still being set up, plus there are a few
CW5/CW6 transition issues...)