Internet Explorer 5.1 on MAC OS X10.1



I just upgraded to 10.1 today

I was testing IE5.1 to see how much improvement Microsoft have done for IE5.1 than 5.1 preview version. It is faster than 5.1 preview BUT when I load and, it is incredibly slow!! I tried to load other websites such as,, it loads fast!! :confused:

Has anyone have this problem?? If so, why is that?? Is there any way to fix this stupid problem?!!

I've seen this two. I have found it quite ironic that both Netscape and Mozilla speed away faster (than even IE for the PC does, from what I've seen) at the Hotmail website. I have no idea what the reason for it is, but I believe we could actually use this situation as the definition of "irony".
Originally posted by free&unmuzzled
Has anyone else noticed that the font is all messed up in the favourites toolbar?

I noticed that too... go into system prefs, then general, and turn the "text smoothing" option (at the very bottom) to 8 rather than 9. The font MS is using in the toolbar is 9 point, so its not being anti aliased. Looks better with it on IMHO.