Internet Explorer unexpectedly quits


I don't know if anyone has had this experiece yet...

When I launch IE, I get the error:

"An application has unexpectedly quit. The system and other applications have not been affected".

Clicking OK closes the dialog box. The strange thing is this; when I log in as root, Internet Explorer runs perfectly!!

Any ideas??




I ran into this problem with IE when I enabled the NoProxyDomains list in the Edit>Preferences>Proxies panel. I'm not sure if you've got that enabled but if you do, that is probably the source of this problem.

It turns out that this beta version of IE doesn't support this feature correctly. The only way around it is to enable or disable proxies before connecting to the specific site.

To be able to bring up IE as a normal (non-root) user again, go to the ~/Library/Preferences directory and edit the file and make sure the NoProxyDomains section looks like this:

Hope that helps.



I have the same problem (with all my 3 browsers Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla) when going to the site

I think there must be a third party application conflict or something, but never managed to find out what ??

When loggin in from a new account in OS X or in Classic mode there is no problem.

My OS X is 10.1.3

Anyone ??