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I am using Mac OS 8.6 on an iMac. I upgraded and installed IE 5.1.7 and thought that my Favorites would automatically be carried over. Instead there is a default Favorite list present. I had saved my original listing and attempted to install it via the System Folder Preferences for Explorer where the Favorites.html is stored. But this does not work. How do I properly replace the current Favorites with my saved one? I am an intermediate user, neither an expert nor a novice.

Thank you.

John Volpe
MacOS 8.6? WOW! At any rate, make sure that you are using the proper file with the proper name. Unlike the Windows version of IE, the Mac version uses a standard .html file for Favorites. If you rename Mozilla's Bookmarks.html to Favorites.html and place it in the proper location, all of your Mozilla bookmarks become IE favorites.

The proper location is Macintosh HD:System Folder:preferences:Explorer:. Make sure that the file's name is verbatim Favorites.html. One other possibility: you may need to make sure that the file has the proper CREATOR code. I don't think this matters, but when you are grasping at straws, you try to grasp all straws within your reach.
Thank you MisterMe. The problem was solved by simply erasing the file name on my old Favorites.html and retyping exactly the same title again: Favorites.html. Explorer now accepted the sustitution.
wow - 8.6? any reason for not upgrading? I have started my mac journey with Tiger, so I can't imagine what 8.6 is like. by the way, cool that you got it working.