Internet Explorere passive forever!


Is there such a thing as a break? I try to download something now that i have gotten to school and I have this awesome high speed connection as opposed to my P.O.S. modem, and half the time internet explorer just sits on is arse and says setting passive mode? What the me someone...this OSX thing, I love it and I hate it...I just need a push in the right direction.
If you're downloading a big file you may want to use something smaller and more reliable like wget. You can copy the url of the file you want to download to the clipboard and then do something like this:
% [b]wget [url][/url][/b]
wget is robust and supports resurrected file transfers. It's simple text interface isn't too bad to deal with, and although I made a Cocoa wrapper for it, I still just use the text version.

Good luck.