Internet Kiosk with Mac OS X


I am interested in turning two iMac's with OS X in to kiosks. Currently, Internet Explorer launches on boot but it leaves everyone able to acces the finder and mess with things I don't want them to mess with. So... how can I limit access to everything except to Internet Explorer and maybe Appleworks?

Thanks in advance!
Now what would be nice is if omniweb had a kiosk mode... since websites look sooo much better in omniweb than in IE or any of the other browsers I've tried on OSX....

It's amazing what a simple thing like good font rendering can do.

It's too bad the flat screen imac didn't happen. Those would have made better kiosks. At least they have the snow imacs again, which your pointy haired boss wouldn't look at, and think that you had to be joking.
We use IBM NetVistas (like the imac, they're all one piece, but they have a flat screen [and someone please smack the idiot flash newbie who did the sound on this 'tour]) for kiosks in some of the branches in my corporation, to let the customers use our online banking stuff instead of waiting in line when the bank is busy.
I'd love to see us using OSX instead, but they want the flat panel.

I don't know. I think it's going to be a good long time before OSX is ready to serve as a true kiosk though.
Hmm. but maybe not.
There are really finer graduations of userlevel than guest and administrator...

Someone could probably create a tool that would build a login that only has rights to execute the browser and the plugins for it, and only has download rights for wherever the mac stores temporary internet files... include some script or terminal hacks to hide all the icons from the desktop, hide the tool bar, set omniweb(or the browser of choice) to launch full screen, automatically at startup to a specific website, and a little application to continually check to see if omniweb has an open window, and relaunch it if it does not... Set it up to run through some kind of parental control software that updates itself periodically...

Interesting. Still wouldn't cut it for us without the flat panel one piece systems, though.