Internet preferences not sticking!


I'd like to use OmniWeb as my default browser. When I set this in the Preferences, it works fine. However, after I log off, restart, or shutdown, the preference resets to Internet Explorer. There isn't a shell command to control this, is there? Could it be because I haven't licensed OmniWeb yet?


the same thing happens to me, but only when I restart, not when I log out. I'm big on Unix, so the idea of rebooting more often than absolutely necessary irks me ;) so I only have to reset it once in a while.

I have reported this as a bug to Apple, I suspect a lot of people have... Hopefully this means something will happen.
i seem to lose preferences (not just internet) when i log on as another user and then go back to the other user account.

i can't explain it.

but i can tell you that iCab seems to hold prefs way better than IE or even omniweb.

it's been my main browser in OS X.

perhaps you should try it too and post your experiences
Yeah, so I didn't like iCab.

It has a looooong way to go, I think, before I can use it as my main OSX browser. First of all, I went to a page I built ( and my personal page ( and it displayed the content all wrong (look at them with both browsers, you'll seee what I mean). Perhaps this is poor web authoring - but OmniWeb and IE don't seem to have a problem displaying it correctly.