Internet Problems


So I have been running OS 10.1 for about a week now and I have been experiencing major problems surf the internet. I am on a college network where I normally get a page to download in a matter of seconds. Now when I try and load a page using either Omni Web or Internet Explorer the title of the page appears but the page doesnt load. With IE when I hit the stop button the page sometimes appears but not always. Another thing is that certain web pages do seem to work like yahoo or my college's web page but other sites such as espn will not work at all. Any idea as to why this might be happening or any solutions? Oh yeah I ran IE through 9.2 and the pages load fine including one's such as ESPN which doesnt load with 10.1 which leads me to believe that it OS X and not my network. Thanks alot for your help.
I had some similar problems with ie and omniweb. Mine were cured by going through the prefs for ie and enabling java. I was not able to get omni to load SOME pages, but it worked well for others. There are some pretty decent builds of Mozilla out now that work quite well also.
Thanks you very much for the quick reply. Unfortunately turning on java has not improved the situation. Any other thoughts?
Ok when I start up classic and run IE through it I have no problem at all. I dont know if that means anything