Internet Router hangs


Chief Evangelist
I have a Netgear RP114 router. I just got it. My problem is when i leave it idle for a while, my internet connection is lost. I have Directv static IP (formerly Telocity) I will get internet connection only when I restart the router (turn on off) or resetting the router. Any one else with this problem and is there a fix? I want to use my OSX server to serve web pages, but what's the point if I lose internet connection and have to reset the router everyday. Any advise or similar experieces?

What kind of connection do you have? (ie: DSL, Cable, T1, etc.) Are you sure that you are an "always" on service? I'm assuming you do however.
Since this is the route acting up, you should probably talk to your ISP and/or the manufacturer of the router.

(incidentally, I had a similar issue with a Cisco 675, but it only happened after almost a month of use, so I never bothered to pursue the issue)