Internet Sharing with more than one computer??



I have an 800MHz iBook running Panther 10.3.9. The iBook gets its internet via Airport, from a wireless router in my house. I also have a Dual 1GHz G4 QuickSilver (mostly running 9.2.2) and an 8500 (9.1)

I am able to use Internet Sharing by connecting one of the towers to the iBook via Ethernet. But how can I share it with BOTH towers? I've got a LinkSys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router w/4-port switch, which I used to use with the above Macs before I had wireless. I thought it might be as simple as just running the Ethernet cable from the iBook into the router's uplink port, and the router would treat the iBook as though it were a cable modem. But it's not happening for me. The router serves up DHCP addresses, as usual, but neither tower can connect to the Internet.

Is there any way I can do this with the hardware I have? Or if not, what would I need to share the iBook's Internet with two other machines via Ethernet?



Not sure if I got it all right, so please correct me.
You have an ibook together with two other macs (are these your 'towers'?). You have a wireless lan router with 4 ethernet ports. Your ibook is connected to the router using the wifi connection. Now you want to add those two remaining macs to the network too so they have internet access. Why not simply plug the two remaining macs to two of the 4 free ethernet ports on your router? Or doesn't that work?