internet sharing


I know you can share your internet through firewire now, but another question about sharing...if I buy a splitter for the ethernet port on the back of my iMac (so it will have two connections available for one port), can I set the internet sharing preference to share the internet from built-in ethernet to built-in ethernet, then connect my dsl modem in one port and another computer out from the second port?


No. An Ethernet Splitter, ES, is typically used to send two independent sets of Ethernet signals via a single Ethernet cable a distance between two locations. At each location (end) a splitter is required.

An example:
At one location there may be two Macs - each plugged into a separate ES port, and at the other location (end) a router - where each ES port is connected to a separate router LAN port.

See this Google search for many references. One of which is here.

You need a router, which are extremely cheap today (referring to the 'wired' type router).
Buy a router (apply voltage), connect the Ethernet cable from the dsl modem to the WAN port of the router, and then each computer to a separate LAN port. Read the router's literature for further information.