Inverting the screen (light on dark)


It would be more than cool if there was a way to change the default system wide to light text on a dark background.

One way might be to implement some sort of CloseView "inverse" approach, which inverted the colors on the screen. (CloseView is Apple's screen magnification/color inversion control panel that is not supported under OS X.) Inversion makes for ugly color combinations, though. Better would be the ability to set the colors of elements: text, background, buttons, highlights, etc.

I say this would be more than cool because I'm not asking just because I think it would be fun. Light text on dark background is easier for me to read because I have poor eyesight. Specificly, poor contrast due to cataracts and a degenerative retinal disease. I know building accessibility hooks into OS X isn't on the top of Apple's list, so I think some 3rd party 'hack' might be the next bet.


Official Bartender
Would appear to be the way to go. It seems to be most people's favourite piece of customisation software. Try version tracker....