Invisible messages in Mail 2.0


Hello all.
A few days ago I lost all my messages. Or at least I tought I lost them.
My Inbox seems empty but if I type something in the search box then I can see the results. And when I close the search the Inbox is empty again.
I had to switch to Thunderbird now, but it would be still nice to know what could be the problem.
Did you create any smart mailboxes before this started to happen?
Any third-party plugs in mail?
Yes I have smart mailboxes (2), but I had them for weeks before it started. I will try to delete them at home.
For the first time I had troubles with importing old mails to Mail 2. After the importing was complete the app started to behave strange. I've deleted the imported box but it didn't solve the problem.
I have no third-party plugs.
I had something similar happen when I deleted one of my pop mail accounts. The messages disappeared from my inbox. I could search for them and they would show in the results, but still not in the inbox.

When I recreated the account... poof... back in the inbox.

Hope that helps.
thank you!
I'm at work now but I will recreate the account as soon as I can at home.
I'll let you know if it helps me too or not.
Yep, when you remove/disable an account, the messages are gone. Reactivate it, and they're back. If the problem persists: You can click on a mailbox and use the Mailboxes menu to 'repair' it.
I've tried to 'repair' the account - it did not help.
I had the problem after creating a new (imported) mailbox not after removing it. I just deleted the imported box to try if it helps to see the messages in my real account. This didn't help either.
I'll be at my mac in 5 hrs and then try to remove all the mailboxes and start from the beginning.
Erh... If you really remove all mailboxes definitely, I don't think that'd help to _reveal_ the messages. Anyway: Make a backup of the Library/Mail folder before doing anything harsh to it. ;)
good point... I will backup (as I always do).

but if nothing works I have Thunderbird and it is fine for me. Just that it would be good if the native apps could do their job. I've had Macs since OS 9.1 and now this is really the first time something is not working and I just hate the situation. (Reminds me of "good" old winME times).
Doesn't work... I´ve deleted everything (accounts, mailboxes ....) and then recreated the account. Still nothing. I can search and see the results but thats all.
I can see however the new messages as long as I stay in the 'Inbox'. After checking 'Sent' box the 'Inbox' seems to be empty again.
Just don't understand what is the problem.