Iomega Zip Drivers


Kent Lad
I should be getting a new iBook within the week with X.1 and just wondered if the drivers for Iomega Zip drives are X native yet? I mean, it's no huge problem using Classic, but would rather I didn't have to bother with that.
I think that internal and exteranal USB zip drive has no problem under OS X.

My external another issue :p

G4/466/512MB/Adaptec SCSI 2930CU PCI card.

I have an SCSI Zip 100 drive and Zip disks mount just fine under OS 10.0.4.

I have an orangemicro SCSI card.
I cant remember what happened under 10.0.4 :p ... all I know is that it doesnt mount with 10.1 :p
I have SCSI zip drive running 10.1 NO problems, not even one. Works beautiful...I use Adaptec 2930u SCSI card. No problems either.