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Just wondering what people think of the issues of iOS 6 and Apple Maps. After viewing "how insanely great" the new Apple Maps was supposed to be compared to Google Maps App vs actual user experience, I am delaying upgrading my iPhone 4S from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6. Apple certainly seems to have "f-ed up" on this one. Steve must be turning over in his grave. I work in New York City and viewed our IT service guy's personal iPhone 4 with the OS 6 upgrade, and the maps App is appalling, in fact, embarrassing. Apple, listen to me, don't take features away, ADD and IMPROVE. This reminds me of the Mobile Me scenario in Walter Isaacson's biography where Steve gathered some higher ups into a room and asked "Who can tell me what Mobile Me is supposed to do?" Steve listened to a few answers and returned another question: "So why the F*#$ doesn't it do that?" Hey Tim, you with me on that one? Steve built a company of "A" players. Where are they now? I hope you have assembled the industry's largest damage control team to FIX this problem ASAP. iPhone users now expect perfection from the world's most valuable company. I suggest that issues like this never see the light of day again. Apple has more cash than the U.S. Department of Treasury.

If Apple has learned anything from its history, it's that a world of hurt and unforeseen consequences is just a few bad decisions away.

Let's get it right very soon.



When I got my iPhone 5 on the day of release at my local AT&T store I used the Maps app to drive home, a distance of about 10 miles. Obviously I didn't need to use it to find my way home, but I wanted to test it out just to see how good or bad it may be.

The pros: the maps are gorgeous, the on-screen and voice prompts were helpful and the directions were flawless, and the maps displayed in either portrait or landscape mode.

The cons: no night driving mode (my Garmin Nuvi as well as other GPS devices have a night driving mode), incomplete search information for points of interest (as I see it the biggest drawback to no longer being affiliated with Google).

Perhaps, hopefully, these problems will be corrected in the next update.


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There are a lot of internal jokes about the guy whose fruit the Apple maps was by the way...